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Zicc ®  is a small family firm in the Swiss Montains. We follow an old tradition and manufacture metal products solely by hand. We do not mass-produce industrial goods, we create individually crafted items!


Every one of our products is unique and has been lovingly fashioned by experienced metalwork craftsmen. Signs of the creative process such as irregularities in the metal are an inevitable occurrence, and they make our products unique and highly prized.

We want everyone to be able to afford a piece of good old-fashioned craftsmanship, so we strive for cost-effectiveness and offer our goods for sale worldwide. A distinguishing feature of our products is their robust design, tried and tested over decades. Thanks to the use of high-grade materials, your Zicc® product can give you a lifetime’s worth of use.

Video how Mohamad Hasib create a Zicc Box


Lovers of good workmanship the world over appreciate the reliability and accuracy of our Zicc ® products.


Our products are:

  • Stainless, with a 10-year guarantee

  • Shower- , splash- and dustproof (not waterproof or airtight!)

  • Fireproof to 1000º C / 1830º F (insurance compliant)

  • Pest- and rodent-proof

  • Robust yet light

  • Food-safe, with no harmful substances

  • Manufactured virtually CO2-neutral

  • Free from all artificial materials

  • Easy to modify, reshape or work

  • Produced in compliance with the European CE quality standard

  • Entirely produced by hand



It can happen that a Zicc ® product is out of stock, as we do not produce large quantities. Because of the popularity of our products, there can be delays in supply. However, we are constantly producing more, and we can generally promptly deliver once a product becomes available. If this happens, we ask you to bear with us. Please do not compare our products with standard industrial goods. In many cases our products fulfil the same purpose, but they are not comparable.


Please contact us if you have any questions.

As a family firm we view close contact with our customers as essential.


Zicc ®  Kisten in der Wiener Volksoper bei einer Aufführung


  • 2011 Foundation of the Company in Stuttgart/Deutschland

  • 2012 Start of Production in Mumbai/Indien

  • 2014 Settle to Mallorca/Spanien with formation of a small prototypeproduction

  • 2015 Formation Zicc Inc. in Miami/USA

  • 2018 Selling of the Spanisch Company and settlement to Switzerland

  • 2020 Start of Zicc Swiss

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