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Our advantages:
No machine set-up

  • Transparent costs and production process according to DIN ISO EN 9001

  • Fast production and delivery times FCL, LCL - To your warehouse

  • Ecologically valuable product as Co² neutral and produced under fair conditions

Which metal products do we offer:
Crates, chests, boxes, watering cans, suitcases, bags, buckets, tubs, decorative objects, simple containers.


Galvanised sheet metal 0,3mm - 0,8 mm

  • V4A stainless steel sheets 0,3mm - 0,8 mm

  • Copper sheets 0,3 mm - 0,9 mm

  • Brass sheets 0,3mm - 0,8 mm

  • Leather finishing,

  • Aluminium sheets 0,3 mm - 0,7 mm

  • Foam linings

This is what we offer to customise your Zicc © products:

  • Handles, handles, castors, protective corners, leather fittings

  • painting, airbrush, powder coating in almost all RAL colours

  • special locks and inscriptions

  • own logos and inscriptions

How it works:
Together with our experienced crate builders, we implement your ideas and produce a prototype (if desired). In doing so, we can manufacture all containers entirely according to your wishes. We think along with you and work together to realise your idea. You will only be given a definite order commitment after you have seen the prototype we have made for you. If you are satisfied - your Zicc © product will be produced.

Terms of payment:
Deposit of 50% of the invoice amount when placing the order. After receipt of the deposit, production starts. Final payment due 14 days after delivery of the goods at the latest. Goods damaged during transport will be replaced free of charge within 12 weeks. Each product is delivered packed in recycled foam and/or cardboard, worldwide shipping is possible. Photographic documentation of the manufacturing process. We always produce according to EU guidelines, taking into account our ecological & organisational guidelines!

How long does it take:
Usually we can deliver within 4-8 weeks. 


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